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Mikro Kosmos – a new hard cider from the Northville Winery & Brewing Company

October 27, 2014

I recently completed this label for the Northville Winery & Brewing Company.  It’s for a hard cider made with Winesap apples, and aged in Hungarian oak for 9 months.  The inspiration for the design came from it being aged in Hungarian oak.  My friend at first suggested naming it “Bela Bartok” after the famous Hungarian composer.  Then suggested that we name it “Micro Cosmos” after his compositional workbooks.  We added the “K’s” to the title to make it more Hungarian 🙂  I thought of drawing a picture of Bela above a piano, but after looking at Hungarian folk art, thought of using a bird instead.  So the style of the drawing was inspired by Hungarian Folk art.  This was also the first label where I started blocking out a rough design in Photoshop before making the final drawings.  It helped with the flow of the process, and I think it helped give a fresh feeling to the final product, because usually I don’t start working the design until I bring in the final drawing elements.  This way I kept some of the initial ideas I first came up with.  I like how it has a collage feel to it.  I really want to do more labels with this style in the future.  Hope you enjoy it.  And if you’re in the metro Detroit area, stop on by their tasting room to drink some cider!  You can also call to have them ship it to you.  Click to enlarge the image.


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